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Our Approach

Our approach and philosophy has been tested and refined as we have invested through the economic cycles since 2003

Investment Approach & Philosophy

Private markets are inefficient and provide opportunities for the skilled investor to deliver excess returns, especially at times of dislocation. Whilst an understanding of market cycles is important, a detailed examination of each property’s characteristics yields insights into asset management requirements, optionality, environmental and social considerations, and its place within a wider portfolio.

Over the long term we therefore believe that stock selection is the primary driver of investment return and being a trusted market participant guarantees access to attractive stock selection opportunities.

We work closely with clients to understand their investment objectives and agree portfolio parameters and risk controls. We are confident that portfolios tailored to meet client objectives combined with our approach, leads to sustainable performance.


We hold a number of important disciplines in mind when we are investing on behalf of clients and these include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary complexity in structuring maximises liquidity and reduces the risk of mis-alignment with client objectives.
  • Direct control of stock to ensure delivery of business plans and to ensure liquidity of portfolio assets.
  • Clear decision-making will generate confidence with counterparties and drive repeat business.
  • Respect for market counterparties and participants to encourage throughflow of investment ideas.
  • Agility in sourcing and execution – this is common to all good fund management teams.

One principle that is frequently overlooked, is that of confidentiality and discretion. We believe that publicity must be for a purpose, that is, to further the objectives of the client. It is usually best to maintain a low-profile and to avoid communicating investment ideas and client strategies to competitors.


We will share our investment philosophy with clients on a confidential basis. Please contact us for details.

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