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Elwood Fund Management enables sophisticated investors to access UK real estate - since 2003 our performance track record has been unrivalled


Elwood Fund Management is a private company formed by a team of experienced real estate investors. The business is independent of any broader organisation and so free of other goals. Our aim is to manage a select number of UK real estate portfolios tailored to client-specific objectives, invested using a proven philosophy and approach.

The Elwood team has established and managed large investment portfolios for institutional clients since 2003, when Chris Mathew became responsible for the Hermes Property Unit Trust. The team is experienced in managing pooled and private / segregated accounts and it has an unrivalled performance track record. Investing through the economic cycles in core, added value and opportunistic stock strategies, the team’s approach to active stock selection and management, together with its close attention to the needs of the client, have been key to its overall success, that is delivering for clients.

Track record

The Elwood team was formerly responsible for two institutional real estate portfolios with an aggregate value of £2 billion and more than 100 investors.

The Hermes Property Unit Trust (£1.6 billion) outperformed its benchmark in every calendar year beginning in 2003. From 2003, and over the 10 years ending in June 2019, the Trust was the best performing balanced fund out of a cohort of 27 funds in the MSCI/AREF UK Property Fund Index: the Trust was ranked in second place in the same cohort over five years. At end-June 2019 the All Balanced Fund Index had an aggregate value of £32.9 billion.

A second strategy for a significant UK institutional investor started investing in 2013. Its strategy was to replicate the approach the team had applied for the Hermes Property Unit Trust, but with a particular focus on acquisition of smaller assets. In the period between 2013 and June 2019 this strategy had delivered significant outperformance, just ahead of the Hermes Property Unit Trust.

What We Do

As Elwood is independent, and therefore free of the challenges of broader organisations, we are able to minimise the potential for conflicts in investment allocation between clients, and maximise the attention we are able to channel in our management of each asset. We have strong conviction in our philosophy and approach – we know it works well.

Dial-up, or dial-down. We will seek to maximise the client’s investment returns within parameters and preferences agreed with each client. These will include target return and investment horizon, liquidity, diversification, risk-appetite, the tilt between income / growth, and the emphasis the client wishes to place on ESG as the ultimate owner of the investment.

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